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The carpet Cleaning Services team at KQ maintains dedication in providing you with the highest level of customer service. Our team uses appropriate solutions and spray injectors machines to give our customers the best results every time.The process and methods are elucidated on the following page

The carpet shampooing process is as follows :-


First & foremost our team analysis the quality of the carpet and the dust in it and accordingly the vacuum cleaner is used by the personnel using it are well trained in their job.


After thorough vacuuming of the carpet the spots are removed by using some solutions which are not harm full to the carpet. The spots are basically memories of some parties or rainy season in which people generally walk with shoes full of mud & muck. The spots are well taken care by our trained team.


Shampooing : In this method, detergent solution is released onto the carpet through openings in a rotary brush, whose rotary action converts the solution into foam and works it into the carpet. Once dry, vacuuming removes the residue containing loose, encapsulated soil. At times, chemicals may be added to the detergent solution to reduce odours, retard soiling, brighten colours and/or speed drying.


Combination of Water Extraction and Shampoo:
As the name implies, this method uses the Water Extraction method and Shampoo. This method is especially effective for cleaning highly soiled carpets, with heavy oil/soil build-up.


The process has two steps:

  • Shampoo using a rotary brush to loosen the soil
  • Water Extraction using water rather than a detergent solution to remove shampoo

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The carpet shampooing process is as follows

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